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About the SIRIUS Project

Luleċ University of Technology and industry partners in collaboration

The Sirius final year course is a collaborative programme with the participation of Luleċ University of Technology, Volvo Car corporation, Volvo Aero Corporation and several other industry partners. Sirius prepares students for work in product development. The course's product development projects are firmly based on close cooperation with manufacturing companies or on real product development needs that have been identified in some other way. Work is conducted in project groups with the support and guidance of advisors from both industry and the university. Collaboration benefits both the students and the industry partners.

Sirius is one of the final-year courses for students in the Mechanical Engineering MSc degree programme at Luleċ University of Technology. Sirius is also open to final-year students from other MSc engineering programmes at the university, which ensures a broad base of knowledge for the course's project groups. During most of the 20-credit course, product development projects are conducted in close collaboration with companies.

The aim of Sirius is for students to acquire, apply and integrate knowledge that is essential for product developers in modern manufacturing industries. Students gain knowledge in project management, production of creative concepts, mechanical engineering design and computer-aided design. They gain a command of all stages in the chain of product development, from needs analysis to finished product. Under realistic industrial conditions, they must carry out product development in teams, in cooperation with manufacturing companies or based on real product development needs presented in some other way. Experience from Sirius prepares participants well for teamwork with people from other disciplines.

In support of their development projects, the students take courses in product development methods, computer-aided modelling and project management.

Sirius students engage in a valuable exchange of knowledge and ideas with graduate students and staff from the Polhem Laboratory and other departments of Luleċ University of Technology. Not only do Sirius students from Luleċ University of Technology have solid theoretical knowledge, they also have the benefit of valuable practical experience of work in an integrated environment and the use of advanced computer tools in industrial projects.

More information

For you who is interested in knowing more and eventually initiate and start your own Sirius project it possible to download a document that in short describe the concept.

Contact Lennart Karlsson, Professor and examiner for the Sirius course for more information:

Lennart Karlsson

Division of Computer Aided Design

Luleċ University of Technology
Telephone: +46 (0)920-491279


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