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SIRIUS Racing - Luleň University of Technology

Thanks to

SIRIUS Racing - Formula SAE would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their help and support.

  • Sandvik Coromant for providing us with superior carbide endmills for milling in our CNC-machine

  • Kjell Lindfors and all the helpful staff at Tooltech for helping us with the manufacturing of the "plugs" for chassis and sidepods in their milling machines.

  • DIAB, Divinylcell AB for their help in providing composite materials, sandwich core.

  • Fluke Sweden for providing excellent measuring devices for aid in the development of the car.

  • Uddeholm for providing us with their superior, high strength Alumec Aluminium.

  • Permascand for the help with providing us with Titanium.

  • Ulf Samuelsson, Atmel Nordic for helping the electronics team.

  • Polym and Samco Sport for silicone hoses.

  • APC Composite for helping us with the manufacturing of the moulds.

  • Jobmeal Luleň for providing us with fresh coffee every day !

  • Thomas Johansson for all his help and valuable information

  • Mikael Nybacka for his help with ADAMS Simulations

  • Jan Granstr÷m, Division of Solid Mechanics for all his help with testing of materials

  • Tore Silver, ┼ke Wesselheim, Division of Manufacturing for all their aid in manufacturing

  • Magnus and the people at Hedqvist Dieselservice for their help with injectors.

  • Regal Components, Uppsala for providing excellent sensors for the steering/suspension.

  • Dieselservice for their help with injectors.

  • Kalix Bil & Lack, the Hallikainen brothers for the beautiful paint job on our car.

our sponsors

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